Digital signal processing and radio system modeling

Chair - Maksim A. Stepanov, Dr.Sc., Associate Prof.
Secretary - Andrei V. Nikulin, Cand.Sc.,  Associate Prof. 

The principles and methodological bases of mathematical modeling of radio engineering systems, principles of mathematical models construction on the basis of the system approach to modeling and models classification are considered. The methods of construction of devices for generation, reception and processing of radio signals are considered.


Antennas and radio frequency devices

Chair - Vladimir P. RazinkinDr.Sc., Professor.

Electromagnetic waves, their propagation in paths, transmission lines, microwave devices and media by means of various physical phenomena, effects and devices, including research, development and creation of antennas, microwave devices, materials and components, technologies for their production are considered.


Electrical engineering and circuitry

Chair - Sergey V. Brovanov, Dr.Sc., Associate Prof., Vice-Rector for Research of NSTU
Secretary - Alexei V. Udovichenko, Cand.Sc.,  Associate Prof. 

Properties and characteristics of basic semiconductor elements, principles of operation, methods of creation and use of elementary functional units, which form the basis of modern electronic means (devices), are considered.


Electronic devices in industry, medicine, metrology

Chair -  Yury V. Morozov, Ph.D, Associate Prof.
Secretary - Anna S. Kazmina, PhD student, Assistant

Devices for conversion of electromagnetic energy of one kind into electromagnetic energy of another kind through interaction of electrons (moving in vacuum, gas or semiconductor) with electromagnetic fields as well as devices for industry, medicine and metrology are considered. 


Automation and information systems

Chair - Evgeny V. Rabinovich, Dr.Sc., Professor
Secretary - Daria L. Pinigina, PhD student, Assistant

The field of informatization, mechanism and technology, the effective means for processing, storage, search and presentation of information to the user is considered. Set of functional subsystems for collecting, inputting, processing, storing, searching and distributing information is considered.


Mathematical modeling and machine learning

Chair - Vladimir S. Timofeev, Dr.Sc., Associate Prof.
Secretary - Ekaterina A. Khailenko, Cand.Sc., Associate Prof.

The rigor of mathematical reasoning and analytical mathematical methods is combined with modern computing capabilities and means of artificial intelligence to implement effective software solutions to solve urgent scientific and technological problems.


Digital energy management

Chair - Anastasia G. RusinaDr.Sc., Associate Prof.
Co-chair -  Pavel V. Matrenin, Cand.Sc.,  Associate Prof. 
Secretary - Ilya I. Litvinov, Cand.Sc.,  Associate Prof. 

The power equipment monitoring, electrical network improvement, big data analytics for power industry, digital twins, smart grids, power system reliability, carbon footprint reduction technologies including hydrogen and renewable energy sources,  are considered.